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Everyday women sharing authentic faith-based stories of resilience, restoration, and winning at life to inspire you to move your finish lines and run your race to win.

Apr 27, 2021

Today’s episode is about a financial journey of recovery when you set out to do the right thing but life takes a turn. I’m joined by Kendra Tillman, the founder of Coaching & Consulting.  She is also a healthy marriage champion, a published author, and a podcaster. Kendra and her husband wanted to create generational wealth for their children but found themselves in a financially devastating situation. As they pushed through the hurt, embarrassment, and pain of recovering, they found new strength within themselves. Kendra’s story reminds us that through the hard times, God is still working and when it looks like the plan is failing, God is sitting back saying ‘I got you’. You can connect with Kendra at